How to plan the perfect engagement party

Love is in the air…but now what?

The perfect proposal went exactly as planned, it was a yes and now the exciting part; telling everyone and planning the wedding! But first, an engagement party can be the perfect opportunity for you and your loved one to celebrate your news.

Planning an engagement party might feel like a bit of a minefield. Knowing where to start, what to include as well as where to hold it are all things to consider, and we have the perfect guide for your engagement party…

The food and drink matters, so leave it to the experts

Our top tip for choosing food is to make sure you plan early! Sorting food and drink for guests can be an exhaustive task, especially when there are dietary requirements and different tastes to cater for.

Hand it over to an expert team who can choose the right food for your engagement party, and let you worry about having the perfect night with your loved ones instead.

Deli boards and graze tables have become increasingly popular in recent months, and are a great option for a relaxed event. They’re perfect for allowing your guests to have a few bites to eat without the pressure of a sit down meal, and with so many things to choose from and eat they are perfect for even the pickiest of eaters! Choose caterers like The Deli Board Company or The Grazing Buddha who know all the right savoury and sweet combinations to produce the most mouthwatering menu.

A party isn’t a party without drinks and cocktails are a great way to celebrate. Make your engagement party even more memorable with a bespoke drink for you and your partner, they’re a great memory to look back on and a taste that will always remind you of this happy time! Mixologists and drinks gurus The Cocktail Tribe can help you plan the perfect drinks for your event, and have plenty of guidance and advice around which wines, beers or even which shots would work best!

Choose a special decor for your special event

Balloons aren’t just for birthdays. They can dress a room and even be themed to match your event, no matter what colour or idea you choose.

Balloons can also come in every style imaginable, whether you want a balloon hoop or arch or even a full backdrop! Suppliers like Beauty and The Balloons are on hand to help dress your event space in whatever way you need.

Engagement balloons image from Beauty and the Balloons

Make the memories last with photographs of your perfect event

Photographers are an essential part of any event, especially weddings and engagement parties!

Choose someone used to shooting parties and events like Caroline Nixon Photogaphy or  Craige Barker Photography. Their love of photography shines through and they have expertise in capturing every moment of your event and special night.

Professional photo of an engaged couple

Look the part

Makeup and hair is one part of the event that we can often leave until the last minute. Choosing the brush skills of a skilled makeup artist like Catherine MUA can mean you have the perfect winged liner, smokey eye or daring red lip ahead of your big night.

They know just how to make you look picture perfect, no matter what style or makeup you go for.

If it’s all too much, leave it in the hands of the professionals

Event planners are the experts in their fields, and they know how to take care of every little detail and plan the perfect party. If planning is becoming overwhelming, seeking their advice and services can help.

Planners like With Love Entwined can plan events from even the most intimate of parties to the most lavish affairs. Put your trust in them to deliver the perfect engagement party for you, tailored to your style and taste. Plus, it can be a great way to see how they could help you plan the real thing…

Let us help you with planning your next event

If you’re starting to plan your engagement party and you would like some help, get in touch with us at Events Made Fabulous.

Our experienced and professional team can help with choosing the right supplier for your needs for intimate events to larger affairs, and we know just how to add the perfect touches to make your day and memories special. Reach out to us today and we can help make your next event fabulous!