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Fabulous Bundles

This page lets you select the right voucher bundle for your business. The more you buy, the better the price! But don’t worry, if you’d rather just pay as you go, you can! We’ll let you know if your vouchers are running low. Don’t forget, every time you log into your supplier profile you can see all the information you need on your quotes, vouchers and reviews. You can also browse new events and see if there is something you may like to quote on. Happy shopping!

Fabulous Advertising

To really shine a light on your business, we have extra sponsored positions that will position you right in front of your target customer. Please have a look at each of our packages below. Each one is amazing value – we want to help market your business without draining your resources. Our main goal at Events Made Fabulous is to link brilliant suppliers with hosts across the country. We want to support your growing business. We also understand that advertising is expensive, can be untargeted and, let’s face it, doesn’t always work. Let us highlight your business on our website.  Let us be your marketing strategy by directly targeting hosts and removing any uninterested time wasters or people who aren’t even looking at events.

Sponsor your content on our website, and showcase what you can offer.  Our hosts are only here for one thing, to create an amazing event. Be part of it. Stand out from the rest.