Planning the Perfect 1st Birthday Party

12 months! How is it that time already? Time flies when you’re having fun right? Well, maybe not during the sleepless nights but turning one is a momentous occasion. Your little one deserves a special day (and you deserve a celebration for a year of doing the hardest job there is too right?)

Parties are a great way to connect with loved ones who sadly we have spent very little time with recently.

Follow our simple planning guide to help you plan the perfect day.

Guest List

Decide who you want to celebrate with. Do you want a big party or a more intimate family affair? A smaller gathering is normally favorable, life is a little busier than it used to be!


Where will you host it? You can obviously host at your home but also consider hiring somewhere. It’s bound to be less stressful as you don’t exactly have time to do those last-minute decorating jobs or do a deep clean up to Auntie Anne’s high standards!


Plan it at a time that suits your schedule. When is your baby happiest? We’d say after nap time is normally favorable.


Choose a theme. It’s always lovely to have a theme to tie the event to. Popular themes for first birthday parties are Jungle Friends, Peter Rabbit & Friends, Pink/Blue, Circus, Under the Sea, Tea Party or Alice in Wonderland has been popular recently. It’s nice to get the adults involved too, maybe they could be asked to wear something that reflects the theme.


Choose some great decorations to really capture the attention of both your baby and your guests. Babies love shiny bright coloured objects and who can resist a floating balloon garland? They also serve as a fantastic backdrop for photographs of the special occasion.


A children’s birthday party is normally only a short affair (usually around 2 hours long), so a meal won’t be necessary. Guests will, however, appreciate some light refreshments. After all what is a party without food? Small bowls of child friendly snacks are perfect. Drinks too. Paper bowls and cups are best as you can recycle them after the party and have minimum mess.


The cake is central to the event as it will feature as both a talking point and in the photos and videos with your precious little one. Consider ordering two as the trend is recently to do a cake smash photo shoot which is basically where you let your little one loose on the cake! The other is reserved for singing and candles and shared with guests to take home.


Consider hiring a photographer to capture all those ‘in the moment photos’ of loved ones while you are busy enjoying the day. They will be a great moment to look back on.

Lastly…Be present in the moment and enjoy!

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